Private Chefs

A private chef will hold a degree from a reputable culinary school and will typically have a minimum of four years of experience in a domestic setting. Their overall responsibility is to prepare meals for an individual or family. They may live in with the family to provide on-call service or plan weekly meals according to a set schedule. A common schedule for a private chef is to work mid-morning to evening in the home preparing lunch, dinner, and breakfast for the next day. They will also be essential in planning any hosting event in the home and able to implement their expertise in meal planning and execution.


Private chefs work 3-5 days a week in one home for an individual or family for a long-term commitment, not for occasional or temporary needs. Busy professionals, individuals with specific dietary needs, and families juggling multiple schedules are common households that employ private chefs. Full-time chefs are commonly paid an annual salary with benefits.


A chef will usually be expected to join the family as a live-in employee during the summer, should the family have a summer residence in the Hamptons or elsewhere.  Summer work usually implies a heavier schedule covering the weekends and would usually involve preparing for large dinner parties.


Some private chefs specialize in specific foods such as vegan, vegetarian, low salt, low fat, gluten, and dairy-free, or in specific cuisines such as French, Asian, Italian and more.