A housekeeper’s duties will be specific to the home they are working in. While many cleaning services and on-call cleaners are excellent for last-minute tidying or once-over deep cleanings, there is a distinct difference between a housekeeper and a cleaner. A trained housekeeper will bring their knowledge base of formal serving, table setting, organizing, and high-quality care for furniture and artwork. They will also be skilled in washing and ironing clothing.

A distinction between a housekeeper and an executive housekeeper is the latter’s experience managing other household staff. An executive housekeeper will have worked on teams of household staff and overseen other housekeepers. Household finances are often handled by the executive housekeeper along with stocking the pantries and overseeing any vendors or contract workers coming into the home.


When beginning your search to hire a housekeeper, consider your home and prioritize your needs. Our expert team is happy to guide you through the entire process.