Who We are

Excellent Nanny And Estate Staffing Agency is the leader in providing quality domestic staffing for residences and private estates throughout the metro areas and other cities in the Southeastern United States. We are a privately owned, fully licensed, bonded and insured boutique estate and domestic agency that specializes in the placement of quality domestic and household staff: Estate Managers, Household Managers, Personal Assistants, Executive Assistants, Butlers, Chauffeurs, Chefs, Housekeepers and Nannies.

Excellent Nanny and Estate Staffing is a premier nanny placement and domestic staffing agency. We are dedicated to assisting families in finding well-trained, committed, and professional individuals to meet their needs related to childcare, house help and estate management. We pride ourselves on maintaining our reputation for matching expert personnel with employers while maintaining our rigorous standards of high quality.

Our story

As the Chief Operations Officer, Denise truly makes it all happen. She manages our agency’s robust office staff team and ensures that ENAES is running at peak performance. With over 17 years of nanny experience and a degree in Early Childhood Education, she has not only the education and training but also the expertise to assist families of all sizes and types. Whether working with a single person or a large family, aristocrat or under the radar, politician or musician, she knows that personality and experience are the keys to a quality placement. Denise has always strived to understand the requirements of her clients, holding herself and her team accountable to the highest standards.

Our Specialized Services

We cultivated an unmatched reputation of exceptional customer service and discretion,
providing expert nanny placement and domestic staffing services across the U.S.

We're Trusted. We're Trained. We're Excellent.

We take great pride in the quality of our nannies and domestic staff, representing only the most qualified professionals in the field. We know first-hand how challenging and rewarding being a caregiver can be, which is why we are here for you every step of the way. Our candidates are professionally evaluated through a comprehensive and stringent process, ensuring complete assessment on:

  • Professional experience, expert skill sets, work ethics and etiquettes
  • Proper documentation, employment history, candidate background
  • Education and training in child development & psychology
  • Multilingual, language fluency & position-specific experience
  • Driving record, drug screening, social security & criminal background
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We’re enabling families across U.S. hire expert nannies, trained house
help and professional estate managers

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What Our Families are Saying

“My twins are now 5 years old and wonderful! When they were born premature and then came home from the hospital a couple months later; I was exhausted and overwhelmed! My husband and I found Denise and she found us a wonderful “night nanny” who saved the day! She spent the night once or twice a week when I started back to work and took care of their every need and loved them…even when one was on a heart monitor. Looking back, I don’t think I would have made it through without that blissful night of solid, uninterrupted sleep, knowing they were in good hands. I would recommend Denise in a heartbeat.”

Meghan S.

“Denise was so helpful with providing a nanny for my newborn twins. She was willing to do whatever I needed and even watched the twins overnight so I could sleep. She helped me take them doctor appointments and watched them like a hawk when they were sick. I couldn’t have gotten through the first few months without her.”

Jordan and Heidi N.

Need specialized nannies for your newborn or toddler? We’re a call away!

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